★ PowerSnippet! Your productivity booster!(Multiple Clip/Snippet Manager +Smart Copy & Paste + Japanese Emoji Keyboard Unlocker + Today’s Snippet)
★ PowerSnippet can be used instead of many other simple Emoji unlocking app in the AppStore and provide much more features. Start typing Emoji(Emoticons) directly in your SMS, Email, Notes and Contacts.

If you spend a lot of time to type same text(like emoticons, web site address, business e-mail, signature, tweet and so on) over and over, PowerSnippet is the app for you.

PowerSnippet lets you copy & paste easily. You can easily save and categorize snippets that you copied from other apps on your iPhone and iPod Touch. You can organize snippets in any categories you choose and then you have quick access to use them fast whenever you need them. Instead of typing the same text over and over, with these snippets, you can quickly send tweet, SMS, e-mail, copy to the clipboard for other apps on your iPhone and iPod Touch for just single tap.

And also you can share snippets with friends using Bluetooth.

PowerSnippet has a built-in snippet editor for you. It has Unicode symbol/emoji keyboard that lets you enter 530+ Unicode symbol(☀☁☂☂☄☎☞☠☺☯♚♘♠♥♧)/470+ Emoji character().

PowerSnippet has an Emoji keyboard unlocker too. When you unlock Japanese Emoji keyboard, you can type very beautiful picture character in all of your apps on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Save your time with PowerSnippet!



Version 2.3.0 – Jun 5, 2011
  • Added snippets restoration using attached back-up file to the e-mail.


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