Borland Developer Studio (BDS) and Delphi Icons

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The Borland Developer Studio (BDS) is the latest IDE from Borland, which is used in their tools that support Win32 and .NET development, such as Delphi 2005. Unfortunately, the various file-type icons that are provided with the BDS (and earlier versions of Delphi) are inconsistent and do not show an association with the BDS/Delphi.

Raize BDS Icons was created to address these issues. Raize BDS Icons is actually an icon library file that contains a set of icons for various file types used by the BDS (and earlier versions of Delphi). The icons included in the library are displayed below.

The installation program listed below copies the BDS_Icons.icl icon library to your computer and registers the new icons with the file types used by the Borland Developer Studio. The installation program also takes care of registering the icons for the same file types that are used by earlier versions of Delphi including Delphi 5, 6, and 7.

NOTE: The BDS Icons installation program DOES NOT remap any file type associations on your system. The installation program simply modifies the BDS/Delphi file type entries to use the icons from the BDS_Icons.icl icon library

Download Instructions

1. Download the file specified from the link below.
2. Extract the BDS_Icons.exe installation program from the zip file and execute it.
3. The installation program will install the BDS_Icons.icl icon library and associate the file types displayed above with the appropriate icon from the library.
4. Please read the included Readme.txt file for more information about using the icons in the BDS_Icons.icl icon library for your shortcuts to Delphi and BDS.

Download (470 Kb)

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