Theme Manager/Virtual Treeview update

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Mike Lischke의 Theme Manager와 VirtualTreeview가 아주 오랜만에 업데이트 되었습니다.
아래는 Mike Lischke의 업데이트 소식 원문입니다.

I wish a happy new year to everyone. Punctual with the start of the new year also finally a new Virtual Treeview update is available. Read the Virtual Treeview Development History about what has changed and fixed since the last release.

From now on a complete setup program is provided for installation in Delphi and C++ Builder, which makes it very simple to install Virtual Treeview. Make sure however you don’t have any older VT source code on your search pathes.

As always you can download your copy of the setup or only the pure sources zipped up (if you prefer that) from the Virtual Treeview page.

After a long time also a Theme Manager update is available. This update comes with a setup program, just like Virtual Treeview, to make installation a breeze. Additionally, there is now a source-only package that can be used by experienced developers to do a manual installation.

Note: This update does not include a new help file, so there is no version history available for the time being. I will add this as soon as possible.

The new downloads are available on the Theme Manager page.

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